"Poetry by Al Prosser"

Poetry by Al Prosser


Not long ago, I felt the Divine Wind blowing,
From Texas to Iowa, where it was snowing,
Then Taraneh, Mesbah, and Mojdeh, too,
Were blown North to be here with you.

Al Prosser
March 1, 1998

Is This The One?

Oh sweet Destiny, How shall I know thee?
Wilst thou come to my door and announce thyself?
Must I look behind every tree, and under every rock?
Does my searching bring us sooner together?
Or is the time of the end of my search pre-ordained?
How many times have I thought myself on the path to you,
only to find the way barred?

Why do I long so, for thee?
Will you bring an end to my loneliness?
Or is the end a prerequisite of our beginning?
Is it the times I have felt my life spared for your purpose?
How and when will I know this purpose?

From where comes the spark, that sets fire to my soul,
and drives me to you?
If my selfish will,
why do I put myself through such terror and discomfort?
If not me,
are the difficulties but lessons for me to learn,
that I may be ready when I find thee?

Have I found thee?
Am I on the path?
Have I learned enough to keep the light alive?

Al Prosser
August 22, 1989


For you to succeed you must first fail
Only by trying, can you prevail
"Failure is only in the mind"
To yourself, you must remind
'Cause failure is how you learn
Success is yours, only to earn
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again
Or you will never make it in the end.

Al Prosser
Spring, 1981

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