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Al's Computer Related Links.

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Recently, I have been finding out about Agile Programming methodologies. Some references are The Agile Manifesto and The New Methodology.

This was after hearing Martin Fowler speak at our Central Iowa Java User's Group. Some aspects sounded like some of the things we did when I worked on Space Shuttle Software, one of the heaviest methodologies, a CMM Level 5 organization. I knew that to create high quality software in a productive manner required tools and planned testing. I wrote up thoughts on this subject.

Web Development Resources

Here are a couple references that I wanted to be able to find.

Older Stuff

Al has been using computers since 1981, and PCs since 1982, when he used one of the original IBM PCs with 2 single sides floppys, expanded 128K memory, DOS 1.0 and PC Basic while working as a COOP at IBM.

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