Photo Notes

Recent photos

Motorcycle photos in 2008 were taken with either a Cannon SureShot 570 IS digital camera, a camera phone, or a Cannon T50 35mm manual focus auto exposure with zoom on Fuji 400 ASA film and scanned. Many of the scanned photos were scanned at 3000x2000 resolution, high enough to make large prints. The SureShot takes 3072x2304 shots by default. The Samsung camera phone takes 1280x960 by default.

Most photos on this web site have been cropped, and may have the image compressed or manipulated to be better for viewing on the web. If someone wants higher resolution copies for printing, or to crop differently, please contact Al Prosser at .

Notes on aspect ratios

Aspect ratio is the ratio between the horizontal and vertical measurements of the photo. Recent photos will probably conform to one of the following aspect ratios. In 2008, a naming convention was adopted below.

4x3 or 1.33 or TV or “a” – this is the standard ratio for older VGA monitors and TVs. The Cannon SureShot takes this ratio in 3072x2304. Old VGA resolution is 1024x768 pixels. Other popular sizes are 1440x1080 or 1600x1200 pixels. Photos with this ratio will stretch or shrink easily to fit these types of devices. The naming convention is ...a.jpg or for a small version or for a thumbnail. The thumbnail will usually imply that a larger version is available.

3x2 or 1.5 or “b” – this is the ratio for a 6”x4” photo print and the ratio for some of the film scanned photos. To use as computer wallpaper, many of them can just be shown “centered”, but some may need to be cropped on the sides slightly to display without distortion. The naming convention is ...b.jpg or for a small or for a thumbnail.

5x4 or 1.25 or “c” – this ratio is used for 10”x8” photos, and some monitors have this as an option such as 1280x1024 or 1600x1280 pixels. The naming convention is ...c.jpg or ...cs.jpg for a small or ...ct.jpg for a thumbnail.

16x9 or 1.78 or wide or “w” - this is the aspect ratio for wide angle TV and monitors. Popular sizes are 1920x1080 or 1280x720. A larger resolution may be used to include more detail from the original. Some photos are set to this ratio to crop out undesired features or just because the photographer thought it looked better. These can be used as wallpaper on new wide monitors. If someone wants an uncropped version to fill up a print without cropping the sides, contact the photographer. The naming convention is ...w.jpg or for a small or ...wt.jpg for a thumbnail.