Trip to France with Valley HS String Orchestra and A Capella Choir

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For Spring break 2009, the Valley High School (from West Des Moines, Iowa) combined String Orchestra and A Capella Choir went on a tour of France including some places in Normandy and Paris. This page documents some observations and photos by one of the chaperons, Al Prosser, and his daughter Ariel.

Wednesday March 11 2009 - Travel

We were supposed to be on the buses by 9. Since we had to take my son to school, my daughter and I just hung around. Everyone had their passports checked. We loaded up the first two buses and left at about 9:30 AM after a couple headcounts and more passport checks.

Loading at VHS
Loading bus at Valley HS
Loading bus at Valley HS

The airline messed up the boarding passes, so it took a while to get everyone through. We (the orchestra group) had to go in alphabetical order instead of with our planned chaperones. Also, we could not get boarding passes for the Amsterdam to Paris trip. These were the first minor changes of plan, and did nothing to dampen anyone's enthusiasm. Some of the travelers were practicing shopping already.

Minneapolis Airport
Twin Cities Airport
Twin Cities Airport Someone ready to go to France Someone ready to shop already Waiting for departure

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